UnWINEd Friday!

UnWINEd Friday!

Thought up while listening to “Nick Jonas – Remember I Told You” 

Happy Fri-yay! Ah! The day we all look forward to is here! Hello, Friday! It had been far too long! Prior to some fun out about town, why not give yourself a nice soak and unWINEd a bit 😉 I know this is rare but have you ever had leftover wine? Yea, yea, how is it possible to have leftover wine? Well, you have to see the size of this bottle to understand.

My Tia Toty, got it for me for my birthday. It’s as massive as it looks in the picture, if not more! I filled up the bathtub with warm to hot water and added the leftover wine and soaked in it for the most glorious half hour of my life. Bubble baths were not a part of my life up until recently and I have experimented with salts, oils, and so far, this wine experiment has been the best! Try it and let me know what you think 🙂


I used 16 oz. of wine. Sorry Tia, we just couldn’t drink it al.
Turning water into wine? Hmm… LOL!
Once you get over the color of the water, you are in for a treat!

My skin was significantly lighter afterwards. It was like my skin was cleaner than it had ever been before and I felt so soothed and relaxed! Was I intoxicated? I cannot confirm or deny that haha! But the skin is the largest organ of the body, soooo! Muchas gracias por el vino Tia! I enjoyed drinking it and a couple of days later, I enjoyed bathing in it 😀

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